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National umbrella association for development, education and social services.

Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training portfolio

The Community Development Institute (CDI) – is certified VET provided by the Ministry of Education and the public institution Center for education of adults.

The variety of different programs, projects and activities that CDI have implemented in geographic area of more than sixty (60) municipalities covering more than a half of the population of Republic of Macedonia have positioned the Community Development Institute among the most active VET providers at national level.

The CDI implement its VET program activities in cooperation both with local and international partners. These training programs are specifically tailored and offered to adult learners such as business sector, educational institutions, unemployed people, etc.

By implementing of these programs, the CDI also function as social enterprise and it is allocating income for vulnerable groups and for local economic development.

As intermediary organization for Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs program, and within this program, the CDI is supporting entrepreneurs that would like to improve their entrepreneurial skills. In this respect, support/training for design of business plan has been provided, and as cross cutting value, we provide training with other stakeholders.

Among other activities, CDI facilitate employment for unemployed people of different ethnic backgrounds and offers non-formal education in the field of project management and  employment skills, which are part of CDI School that we organize every year.

As VET provider, besides direct training for interested parties, the CDI is implementing projects in collaboration with VET high schools, prison/correction centers, association of manufacturers, chambers of commerce and other institutions.

Recently the CDI has established URBAN VET center in collaboration with VET School Mosha Pijade, where we offer hard skill courses for unemployed persons:

  • Carpenter
  • Bakery
  • CNC laser printing
  • Metal-smith

CDI has experience in offer of different types of VET courses through the implementation of the project: VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING – NEW APPROACH FOR EFFECTIVE SOCIAL INCLUSION. The overall project goal is to contribute towards creating a convenient climate of reintegration of convicts in the society via learning new skills, acquiring knowledge and experience thus becoming more competitive in the labor market after serving their sentence.


CDI with its partner DVV International Germany delivered trainings on the following topics:

  • ICT training
  • English language training
  • Training for barbers
  • Training for bakers
  • Training on horticultural decoration

The CDI has been working on creating diverse e-platforms and open educational resources, e-learning courses and has very strong potential and human capacities for implementation of project related to e-learning. Through its programs CDI actively works in providing opportunities for all people to have access to the appropriate learning resources for acquiring new and upgrading the existing knowledge in area of ICT, digital literacy, which contribute towards their social and digital inclusion.

As a consortium member with ASB Germany, ASB Austria, as well as UNDP and SOS Children Village Skopje, the CDI provide trainings for young unemployed people in order to increase their competences and increase market employability, which include the training on entrepreneurship.

Recently established Training center at CDI offers VET courses with focus on the following target groups:
– Unemployed, long term unemployed persons (with the need to gain market-useful expertise)
– Employed people with secondary education (with the need to continue education)
– Employees with high qualifications (with the need to innovate and upgrade existing knowledge)
– Members of low income families and citizens with fewer opportunities
– Vulnerable groups, marginalized groups, disabled persons
– Persons who want higher qualifications or want different than existing qualifications

Overall purpose is to build developed urban society for all, and enhanced competitiveness of the people on the labor market and improvement of life conditions for citizens. This affects the economic stability of citizens as well as their financial independence.

CDI is well positioned in Macedonia as an organization that works on development of adult education and it’s recognized by the institutions as a relevant organization in that field, confirmed with signed memorandum for understanding and cooperation:

  • Memorandum for cooperation signed for collaboration with Ministry of Education and Science
  • Memorandum for cooperation signed for collaboration with Adult Education Centre
  • Memorandum for cooperation with department of sanctions of Macedonia
  • Memorandum for collaboration with Chambers of commerce

In order to address the needs of young unemployed persons, within the program in collaboration with SOS Children village, the CDI has developed and offers training and services on following:

  • Creating an individual development plan;
  • Life skills and employment skills training;
  • Vocational training;
  • Continuous mentoring and coaching;
  • Merging with employers;
  • Internship and job shadowing;
  • Employment support;
  • Support for job retention

Within its program activities, the CDI is actively involved and cooperate with national chambers of commerce’s, universities and companies aiming to provide opportunity, and it is managing city business network, where the trainees from various training programs could get opportunity to practice in real sector.

On annual bases, in average from the past 3 years, the CDI has at least 300 participants at trainings on various programs.

List of a projects related to the VET activities:

Project title Program Year Website:
Vocational education and
training: New approach for
effective social inclusion
Instrument for Pre-
Accession Assistance
(IPA) – fostering social
LifeLong@Learning Erasmus + Key action 2 2016
ADVENUS – Developing
On-line Training Resources
for Adult Refugees
Erasmus + Key action 2 2016
Enhancing Competitiveness
of Microenterprises in Rural
Erasmus + Key action 2 2016
ReGap – Reducing the
Educational Gap for
migrants and refugees in
EU countries with highly
relevant e-learning
resources offering strong
social belonging
Erasmus + Key action 2 2017
Acquisition of Key
Competences for Economic
and Social Sustainability
Erasmus + Key action 2 2017
ENSEMBLE: Expectations
and Non-formal Skills to
Empower Migrants and to
Boost Local Economy
Erasmus + Key action 2 2017
Formazione per Agricoltura
Sociale e Sviluppo
Erasmus + Key action 2 2017
TESEUS – Training on
Entrepreneurial Skills for
EU Startups
Erasmus + Key action 2 2018
FACET – First Aid, Civic
Engagement, Training
Erasmus + Key action 2 2018
VET Urban Centre ASB Germany, ASB
Austria and city of
Training and further
Education in Care and
Social Services (TECS)
Erasmus +KA2 2019
YEEP – Youth BMZ Germany; 2020
Empowerment Enabling
Children village Skopje
Supported employment
coaches for youth
in Macedonia 2019-2021
Federal Ministry of
Labor, Social Affairs,
Health and Consumer
Wien Work Austria
Digital Hub Arbeiter Samaritar
Bund Germany
EUCOMP – European
Erasmus + KA3 2020
Net-Works Erasmus + KA3 2020
I_TEM – Integrated digital
Training in Emergency
Digital competences for
senior citizens
Erasmus + KA2 2020