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National umbrella association for development, education and social services.

About us

National umbrella association for sustainable development, education and social services.

Vision of the organisation:

Diverse and harmonious society without prejudices – society of happy citizens.

Mission of the organisation:

Mission of CDI: The Community Development Institute is a sustainable civil society organization that works on building a democratic and multiethnic society through strengthening the capacities of individuals, organizations, and institutions.

Strategic Aims

1. Improvement of the living conditions and the standard of life of the citizens

2. Strengthening of the democracy and civil society

Legal representative of the CDI: Sreten Koceski, Founder and Executive Director

Board members:

Sreten Koceski – Chairman ex-officio. Executive director of CDI
Alen Ibraimoski
Dushko Perinski
Dejan Dimikj
Aleksandra Jakovchevska
Magdalena Veselinovska

Supervisory board:

Dimche Josifovski – president and member of the board
Natasha Pavlovska – member of assembly
Tanya Georgievska – member of assembly

Staff members

Sreten Koceski is the executive director of Community Development Institute and he has been involved in the work of several local, national and international organizations and institutions. His fields of interest are programs for economic development, programs for cross-border cooperation and also minority rights and interethnic relations. In his work he has participated in development, design and implementation of large number of programs in Macedonia and in other countries, including programs for adult education, especially non-formal adult education. His skills and experience are in organizational development, project cycle management; also he has experience in coaching, training and moderating events. He has been involved in non-formal adult education for many years as a trainer, as a program coordinator and a consultant.

Banks and accounts

For Macedonian currency:
Komercijalna banka A.D. Skopje
Address: Kej Dimitar Vlahov 4, 1000 Skopje
Account number: 300-1100000534-29

For foreign currency:
Komercijalna banka A.D. Skopje
Address: Kej Dimitar Vlahov 4, 1000 Skopje
Account number: 0270100256298
IBAN code: MK 07300701002562998
Tax number: 4028003133288

Bureau for economic and legal consulting
CALIBRA Consulting
Address: St.132, No. 16
1200 Tetovo

Auditing firm
Bend auditing and consulting Ltd.
Tetovo, Macedonia