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National umbrella association for development, education and social services.

CDI Documentary movies

Bona Mente

During the implementation of the program Bona Mente for strengthening of the capacities of the committees for inter-community relations, the CDI in collaboration with the OSCE mission has produced the documentary movie BONA MENTE about the activities and achievements of the CICR in the Republic of Macedonia.

Tetovo – on-line

This documentary movie contain video materials and photos recorded in the beginning of the armed conflict in Tetovo, the Republic of Macedonia in 2001. The CDI has installed video camera connected on Internet and was broadcasting on-line.

The final status of Kosovo in the eyes of the citizens living in minority

The view of the ordinary citizens living in minority in Tetovo region and surrounding municipalities about the final status of Kosovo.

The overall aim of the program was to provide opportunity for the citizens living in ethnic mixed municipalities in Macedonia to express their opinions, attitudes and concerns about the process of defining of the final status of Kosovo and to post questions through the electronic and printed media to the governmental officials and ordinary citizens in Kosovo.

Balkan Caucasus

The CDI produced a documentary movie “BALKAN CAUCASUS“ as a result of the study visit in South Caucasus republics in July 2006. Copy of the DVD is available upon request. The duration of the movie is about 65 minutes and it gives an overview of the life-style, economical and political situation and current challenges in the region.

A Local Hero

Set of videos and a documentary movie on citizens respond during the pandemic of COVID-19 virus.