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National umbrella association for development, education and social services.

Awards and recognitions

On the occasion of March 3, the day of the Мunicipality of Tetovo, the CDI was awarded a Plaque and Recognition Award of appreciation for the results achieved in the promotion of civic values ​​by the Mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo, prof. Dr. Sadi Bexheti. This is the second such award that the municipality awarded CDI. The first prize that was awarded to CDI was in 2008 by the Mayor of the Municipality at that time, Mr. Hazbi Lika.

Институт за развој на заедницата на 18.12.2012 год. прими благодарница од Општина Јегуновце за долгогодишна успешна соработка и помош во развој на невладиниот сектор во Општина Јегуновце.