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National umbrella association for development, education and social services.


The CDI is association of citizens aiming to improve the living conditions and the standard of life of the citizens in Macedonia, including women especially from rural areas.

Within its program activities, the CDI address the need of the citizens mainly in regards to the social inclusion and social services, as well as issue concerning poverty and economic development. Having in mind underrepresentation of women in the society in general in Macedonia, the CDI pays special attention for involvement of women in CDI program activities.

CDI works as a social enterprise and offers products and services to the vulnerable groups, disadvantage and people in need. Representatives of CDI participated in the Working group for creating the Law on Social Entrepreneurship in Macedonia.

Based on the contract with EU DG Grow, the CDI is intermediary organization for Erasmus for young entrepreneurs program and in course of implementation, we managed to provide up to 50% participation of women both as sending and receiving participants. This program represents a European mobility scheme initiated by the European Union in 2009, which allows getting first-hand, practical coaching from experienced entrepreneurs running small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in one of the 28 EU Members States or other countries part of the COSME program.

Among other activities, CDI facilitate employment for unemployed women of different ethnic backgrounds and offers non-formal education in the field of project management and employment skills, which are part of CDI School that we organize every year.

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